Galaga 1.14

The Namco favourite on your Palm


  • It's all as I remember


  • Perhaps the world has moved on

Very good

I remember playing this game many, many, many years ago: when I wore short trousers and let me tell you I was good. Very good. So it's with much excitement that I've been blasting away at aliens in my near static spaceship.

The arcade action is very much the same as it was, the sound effects beep and crash and the aliens swoop and circle. You simply direct the spaceship left and right and fire straight up at those evil androids.

One of the longest running hits in arcade history, Galaga by Namco is back! Board your Fighter; defend against alien fire and escape their collision-course formation attacks.

Retrieve captured fighters from the boss alien's tractor-beam to become a Dual Fighter with double the fire power. Hone your firing skills and get your Hit-Miss Ratio to 100%.

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Galaga 1.14

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